Fran & Margaret
Margaret & Fran


The dream team in the accounts department. Both extremely organised and very efficient at what they do. Without them the Hesketh empire would crumble in a matter of days. They can be bribed with chocolate and payment of overdue invoices.

Ben Bassett

Graphic Designer

Dani Paulo

Senior Graphic Designer

Is an all-round creative person. She loves to dance, sing to the radio, has a mind full of useless trivia and a very entertaining family background that could fill a book! She loves to use the ‘female card’ if there is anything remotely heavy to carry. Can be bribed with sweet things.

Nicola Baggaley

Business Manager

Matt Porter

Managing Director

Is a bit of a charmer that will have you smiling before you put the phone down. He’s sporty with a real competitive side and unfortunately for him is a big Everton fan too. All in all he’s a good egg that will go out of his way to help you. Can be bribed with free rounds…