Fran & Margaret
Margaret & Fran


The dream team in the accounts department. Both extremely organised and very efficient at what they do. Without them the Hesketh empire would crumble in a matter of days. They can be bribed with chocolate and payment of overdue invoices.

Dani Paulo

Graphic Designer

Is an all-round creative person. She loves to dance, sing to the radio, has a mind full of useless trivia and a very entertaining family background that could fill a book! She loves to use the ‘female card’ if there is anything remotely heavy to carry. Can be bribed with sweet things.

Alexander Matthews

Graphic Designer

If Apple made a person it would be called the iAlex. In his spare time you’ll find him taking selfies with his dog Bert, taking more shameless selfies, drinking coffee and using huge amounts of moisturiser. Can be bribed with Swedish meatballs.

Nicola Baggaley

Business Manager

Matt Porter

Managing Director

Is a bit of a charmer that will have you smiling before you put the phone down. He’s sporty with a real competitive side and unfortunately for him is a big Everton fan too. All in all he’s a good egg that will go out of his way to help you. Can be bribed with free rounds…